Autonomos conducted in cooperation with its research partner Freie Universität Berlin an extensive journey spanning 2400 kilometers with an highly automated vehicle in Mexico. The tour through Mexico started at the American border in Nogales and ended at the pyramids of Teotihuacán near Mexico City.

The vehicle drove about 2250 kilometers on highways and 150 kilometers through cities. On its journey it also traversed the semidesert Sonora. Prior to this the autonomous vehicle drove successfully in Germany, the United States and in Switzerland.

It was a magnificent trip along the Pacific coast on which the autonomous vehicle demonstrated its capabilities and performed remarkably well. During the journey no problems occurred and no major interventions of the safety operators were necessary. The highly automated vehicle (SAE level 4) was not only able to detect sudden appearances of obstacles and react appropriately but also to master the dense and very dynamic traffic in Mexico.

Alongside Autonomos associates of the AutoNOMOS Labs of Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas and Prof. Dr. Daniel Göhring of Freie Universität Berlin were involved in the challenge.